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An immersive evening at the
intersection of art + movement

.July 2023 at Rita House
os Angeles, CA

PAINTINGS: Azul Aguamarina

Zoe Rappaport

Avery Potemri
Emily Fabretti



The History of Rita House is ripe with the lore, tradition, and curiosity that makes its home in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles a place of intrigue and wonder and a place we have always cherished.   Originally built in 1926 as a Prop Design Studio for film and television, the Spanish Colonial style building has an air of both elegance and comfort deftly mimicking its current owner’s temperament and style. Following that storied use of the building and for the next twenty-five years, the building was a violin factory producing thousands of violins and violas for schools throughout the country.

In 1967, some fifty years ago, Costume Designer Rita Riggs purchased the building and made it her studio for her work with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Norman Lear and many, many more in between. Rita predated the current interest in Shared Community Office space by offering space to a select group of design professionals that understood her passion and talent for high design and an interest in making a true community out of the workplace.  Organically, gracefully and with no pretense, Rita was way, way, way, ahead of her time.

Recently, the building was painstakingly restored to its former glory by Architects and Rita House Founding partners Scott Strumwasser and Tash Rahbar, 30 year inhabitants of this very special building. They along with Sara, the entire Rita House membership, including Rita herself, welcome you to share, learn, grow and thrive in a community made up of all generations intent on rising in the pursuit of what promises be a very fulfilled and prosperous family.

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