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"Zoe Rappaport’s when it gets like this offers soulful movement, just one person moving alone in the free, open space of a rooftop. Camera angles pull viewers into the compelling nuances of how Rappaport’s individual joints move.

The camera filter in a light earth tone — almost creating a black and white aesthetic —
gives a clean look that allows her movement to be the focus."

"I have worked with Zoe Rappaport in various capacities over the past five years and counting...
as a dancer, creative producer, and much more. She does not simply meet expectation, she exceeds it, and beyond that she brings passion, ideas, inspiration, and professional acumen to everything she does.
Zoe always becomes my other, better, more optimistic half. Beyond being an asset,
Zoe is a gift and a treasure in all that she is and does."

-Sarah Elgart, Award-Winning Director/Choreographer