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RAPPAPORT DANCE is grounded in the belief that movement was born to bring people together and communicate beyond words

I make dances to honor and share a forgotten language in the world

to tell truths

to communicate and be authentic in my expression

to show that there is power in vulnerability

to engage in what feels most natural, and at the same time

the most wondrous magic of the body in motion.



















I experience movement as a primal language -- 

that the body has an intelligence of its own

that teaches us to feel,

(not just think)


My work lives in the center of

a venn diagram

embodies both/and

loves the gray of life

brings together 





relishes in  l i m i n a l  space

When I dance, I feel my ancestors . . .

Their ancient rhythms awakened through me.

I am deeply driven by a need to bust open access, to bring dance back into everyday lived experience, reuniting the arts with community.

If we want the next generation of dance-artists to be the most diverse & inclusive generation yet, 

I believe we have a responsibility to broaden accessibility, mentor and provide opportunities for

our young people — and create them if they don't currently exist.

Through movement,
we have infinite power

to imagine possibilities

create new realities

open doors 

shift paradigms

transform our world —


and the next, and the next . . . 

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