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Dare to Dance x Matthew Barney @ The Geffen Contemporary MOCA


Challenging the notion of a “proper” place for dance, Stephen Glassman Studio, in collaboration with Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow constructed a collective dance piece that was performed without permission at the Geffen Contemporary on the last free evening of Matthew Barney's River of Fundament exhibition in the Winter of 2016. The patrons and guards watched with respect at the unexpected delight. Stephen Glassman Studio has an ongoing practice and inquiry of the intuitive gesture, and social impact on the civic scale. Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow transforms & catalyzes sites, stages, & film, painting them with singular visuals & movement drawn from the human experience. Dancers: Catherine Menard Alexandria Diaz de Fato Serina Bernstein Genevieve Zander Zoe Rappaport Andrea Ordaz Julie Malinsky Kathleen Davidson Filmed by Lawrence Menard.

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