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Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival (D2D)

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival (D2D) is an international dance film festival dedicated to the concept of democratizing dance by taking it into the public sphere, exploring space and place, and intersecting creatively with the art of film. 

Devoted to celebrating and promoting the genre of screen dance, we are a platform for dance - both film and live - that happens in the public realm, outside of studios and off traditional stages. D2D presents films and live works that explore dance as an urgent, irrational, universal language, and that expand our preconceptions of what it is to be human and alive in the world today. 

Whether it’s in parking lots, super market aisles, train stations, or on city streets, D2D is about using film to share the power of dance as a life force that connects us as people, transcending race, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, and socio-economic backgrounds.




Casey Brooks

Peter Chu

​E. Moncell Durden​

Kristy Edmunds

Valerie Faris​

Katherine Helen Fisher​

Stephen Galloway

d. Sabela grimes

Ben Johnson

Louise Lecavalier​​

Rosalynde LeBlanc Loo 
Julie McDonald​​

​Renae Williams Niles​

Vincent Paterson

Desmond Richardson

Tony Testa

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